Application Development

Application Development

Application Development

Application Development can be used for anything from small Windows-based applications to large-scale web-based applications. Our teams will:

Application Development
  • Identify System Specifications
  • Develop Functionality
  • Provide Quality Assurance/Testing
  • Implement and Maintain

The primary objective in any application development project is to design, develop and maintain a software application, on time and within the allocated budget. Our technicians will analyze your requirements in detail and devise a plan or design for the creation of the solution. After acceptance of the recommended solution, we will utilize our internal Project Management methodologies to track our time, cost and resources. All of our projects include pre-delivery testing models and post-delivery monitoring.

We develop our applications using numerous software development methodologies, based on the type of application and our clients� wishes. A software development methodology is simply a framework that is used to determine how the development process itself will be structured, planned and controlled. We will discuss these methodologies with you at the onset of any project so that you are fully aware of the resulting implications.

BrightLogix also has the ability to upgrade existing systems to newer technologies. If you are currently using outdated and antiquated systems and would like to upgrade them to utilize newer technologies, please contact us. We can review your unique situation and provide appropriate recommendations.

At BrightLogix, we understand that developing applications of the highest quality and performance is what you require, and this is what we expect of ourselves with each and every project. We carry out every step of the process with the utmost dedication, so that the final solution exceeds your expectations.