Participant Web Portal

Participants can view information pertaining to:

Participant Web Portal
  • Health & Welfare Eligibility
  • Pension Accruals
  • Annuity and Vacation Balances
  • SPDs, SMMs, Miscellaneous forms

Our Participant Portals give Fund Participants the ability to view individualized information pertaining to their benefits via a secure Internet-enabled system. Important forms and documents can be viewed or downloaded at the push of a button, inquiries can be address in a standardized fashion and many calls to the fund office can be reduced or eliminated. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week - your Participants can access the information they need at their convenience.

The Portals can show data in real-time, or, if you wish, can show static data that gets updated whenever you want. The following is a list of functionality that can be available via our Participant Web Portals.

Health & Welfare Fund Information

  • Plan Elections
  • Hours/Dollar Banks
  • Eligibility Determinations
  • Dependent Information

Pension Fund Information

  • Service and Benefit Accruals
  • Vesting Percentages
  • Retirement Dates
  • Estimated Benefit Calculations

Annuity Fund Information

  • Online Statements
  • Contributions, Withdrawals and Loan Information

Vacation Fund Information

  • Online Statements
  • Contributions, Withdrawals

Summary Plan Descriptions and Summary Material Modifications

Applications, Downloadable Forms, etc.

Our Portals are automatically included with our Benefit Fund Administration system. However, you do not need our administration system in order to take advantage of our portals. Any information that is stored in your existing administration system can be accessible via our Portals - not just the information listed above.

Some of the major benefits to the Fund are:

  • With 24/7 access, calls and mailing can be significantly reduced.
  • Our Portals can supplement an existing website or act as a standalone site.
  • Our Portals can integrate with any administration system.
  • Cost Effective - give us a call or send us an email and one of our representatives will be glad to discuss your needs.


Participant Web Portal

Participant Web Portal